RAK Developer Kit – EU868 – Kit 8


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RAK Developer Kit – Kit 6

Key features:

  • RAK831 LPWAN Module with Raspberry Pi3 and MAX-7Q GPS Module, based on SX1301, 433/868/915MHz.
  • Based on Semtech SX1301, half-duplex gateway module
  • Support 10 channels, 8 downlink and 1 uplink channel, 1 FSK channel
  • RF output power of 25.2dBm
  • Receiving sensitivity up to -139dBm, up to 15KM

Kit Inclusions:

  • RAK831
  • WisNode LoRa
  • RAK5205
  • Raspberry Pi 3B+
  • Converter Board
  • (Raspberry) Casing
  • TF Card
  • 3pcs SubG Antenna
  • 3pcs GPS Antenna
  • 3pcs USB Cable
  • 8pcs Jumping Cap
  • 20pcs Dupont Line
  • 15mm 2PIN cable
  • 2PIN Battery cable



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