USB840X is the longest range (>4500 meters) Open Source USB Dongle for Bluetooth 5, Thread, Zigbee.

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USB840X Dongle


USB840X is the longest range, open source, certified nRF52840 + SKY66112 USB dongle supporting Bluetooth 5, Thread, or Zigbee radio protocols. Range is over 4500 meters or 2.5 miles at 125 Kbps with 60% Fresnel zone clearance.

USB840X offers:

  • Market ready enclosure
  • A BlueNor BT840X (certified with +22.6 dBm maximum TX power) Bluetooth 5, Thread, Zigbee module as the main component
  • The 64 MHz Cortex M4F MCU in nRF52
  • CryptoCell 310 co-processor embedded in BT840 Series module
  • Dongle is preloaded with Nordic USB CDC ACM secure boot loader

Product specification:

BLE moduleBT840X
BT range, low interference>4500 meters at 125 Kbps
BT range, antenna at 1.52M1200 meters at 125 Kbps
BT range, low interference1170 meters at 1Mbps
BT range, antenna at 1.52M900 meters at 1Mbps
Industrial Canada4100A-BT840X


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